Improve Business Performance with Dynamics

Improve Business Performance with Dynamics 365 CE

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) provides an enterprise suite of applications focused on better engaging customers and prospects while improving operational performance. It includes applications for Sales, Marketing and Service and provides a robust portal that allows customers and distributors to engage and transact online. Here are three examples of how Dynamics 365 CE drives business value.

Improved Sales Forecasting drives better Demand Planning and Operational Efficiency.

Struggling to get transparency to a reliable sales forecast to efficiently plan operations? The Dynamics 365 CE platform solves this problem by providing consolidated and timely sales forecasts that operations can translate into demand forecasts to efficiently plan supply chain and manufacturing operations.

An industrial manufacturing client using antiquated technology to manage its sales forecast lost visibility to a key input to its demand forecast. Implementing Dynamics 365 CE empowered the client’s field sales force to manage leads and opportunities easily, even from their phones when selling in the field. Easy to use technology for the sales team coupled with powerful reporting and analytics led to a dramatic improvement in operational efficiency.

Online Ordering by Distributors is easy and streamlines order processing.

In the days of quick and easy internet shopping, is your organization easy to do business with? Dynamics 365 CE portals put power in the hands of your distributors and B2B customers. Further, they improve accuracy and efficiency of the ordering process, increasing stickiness while reducing costs.

A consumer products client took distributors orders through a variety of traditional methods. This led to inconsistencies in order accuracy and didn’t empower distributors with easy to use self-service ordering tools. By implementing a modern sales portal in Dynamics 365 CE, distributors had visibility to their full product catalog and could seamlessly enter orders that were 100% accurate and easily processed by back end systems. This improved the order experience for distributors while also improving order speed and efficiency.

Integrating with the Amazon Marketplace creates a new high volume sales channel.

Is it a priority to sell  products via the online marketplaces provided by Amazon, Walmart and others? If legacy systems supporting operations are antiquated and inflexible, Dynamics 365 CE provides a modern platform that’s highly flexible and extensible to the online marketplaces and can integrate with older enterprise systems internally.

A consumer products client sought to benefit from the vast exposure its products would receive on the Amazon Marketplace. This was to compliment their existing distribution, direct sales and ecommerce channels. With their core ERP systems over a decade old, integrating product and transactional data was a significant challenge. Dynamics 365 CE provided a modern and flexible platform to facilitate the exchange of data and processing of transactions. With this solution in place, the client established a new sales channel that reached a broad and global customer base.

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