“Digital Transformation” can be nebulous and difficult to actionably apply to your business. Microsoft defines Digital Transformation as, “reimagining how you bring together people, data, and processes to create value for your customers and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world.” High performing companies must be agile and able to seize opportunity quickly. Technology needs to be connected, intelligent, and highly adopted. 

At Tahoe Partners, we help companies digitally transform by leveraging cloud technologies to:
  • Improve productivity from anywhere
  • Drive more customer value with each interaction
  • Rapidly innovate and respond to market forces

When using the cloud strategically, our clients are getting more for less and they are getting it faster. It's making possible what once was prohibitive.

The Microsoft Cloud eliminates the need for traditional large capital IT expenditures, that were the norm, and moves the spend to a predictable subscription model. It introduces a world that eliminates the need for software version upgrades and hardware refreshes for good. Now, organizations can architect applications to operate natively in the cloud and pay for computing power only when invoked – this is the foundation for DevOps delivered.

Digital Transformation results in the breaking down of information and collaboration silos, easy access to applications from anywhere on any device (at any time), delivery of new and relevant intelligence, better engagement of customers and partners, and an enjoyable experience for all users. Tahoe Partners helps clients smartly plan and implement their digital transformation to maximize value in the cloud.


Connect your workforce, tear down the silos.

Many organizations have fallen victim to information silos. Over time, these silos grew organically and became major obstacles to innovation and agility. But by embracing the power of the cloud, these silos can be torn down—leveraging common data to put the right combination of information at the fingertips of your employees and to serve your customers in new ways from anywhere on any device. That’s game-changing.

And that’s just the beginning… truly embracing the power of the Microsoft Cloud platform can dramatically increase your ability to rapidly innovate and stay competitive. Users feel engaged and connected in ways they never thought possible. The results – what every organization wants, more engaged and loyal customers and a highly productive work-force.


Intelligence will move your organization forward.

As we enter the world of artificial intelligence, machines learn by analyzing data, we talk to our devices and their cognitive services predict and serve up what we need to stay productive. Traditional data warehouses are now joined to much more expansive data lakes. These lakes are unstructured and highly scalable, allowing for intelligence to be tapped from raw data in new ways, which would have been impossible in the past. Meanwhile, semantic search and data analytics capabilities continue to advance at a rapid pace. It’s a new world.

More than features to be accessed in the Microsoft Cloud, these services are becoming embedded across the platform itself and natively leveraged in apps within CRM and Office 365 that provide predictive intelligence, adding value to your customers and fostering increased productivity with your employees. Baseline intelligence built into your connected applications is becoming a table stakes expectation.


Sustainable adoption must be the goal.

The bottom line in any investment and the true reveal of ROI is all about adoption. Users have to embrace the technology to unleash the power of its potential within an organization. For this to happen, the experience needs to be spot-on, from seamless access anywhere across any device, to a design that is aesthetically pleasing, as it’s the user that the technology needs to be built around. Tahoe Partners prides itself on user-centered design, doing the proper research up-front to understand each unique user-type and their needs, leveraging best practices including our thorough experience, and providing responsive and adaptive design for all products to ensure the best possible experience. 

However, the work doesn’t stop at launch. Ongoing monitoring will provide valuable feedback into how the platform can evolve to meet ever changing user demands. Leveraging data analytics, user testing, and further research results in sustainable adoption, and with Microsoft Cloud technologies, this process is more efficient and cost effective than ever before.