The Project

Weber Stephens Products is the world’s premium manufacturer of charcoal, electric, and gas grills. After robust expansion, Weber found itself with multiple siloed solutions for communication, collaboration and productivity with none having the consistent global reach desired.  Weber set a strategic goal to establish a common platform for all employees across their global offices spread across four regions. As a first step, Tahoe Partners helped Weber develop a strategic Intranet Roadmap. This subsequently led to the design and build of a state-of-the-art global intranet, built on SharePoint Online utilizing SPFx. The new intranet provided authors from around the world a much greater degree of control in publishing targeted articles locally and globally, resulting in a personalized experience for all users. The design was highly visual and fully responsive, allowing access by mobile devices for the first time within the organization. Building the global intranet within the Microsoft Cloud leveraged platform efficiencies, accelerated timelines, simplified maintenance and positioned Weber to avoid the future costs of upgrading software platforms.  

How We Helped

Improved global communication & collaboration
Universal access for all employees
Increased employee productivity

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