The Project

SummaCare, a provider-owned health insurance company, needed a complete website redesign. Their existing web properties (three total) were suffering from outdated technology and an overall poor user experience. Tahoe Partners recommended pursuing an audience specific approach centered on each key user-group served: Specific insurance shoppers for Medicare, Individual/Family, Employer, and the distinctly different Member groups. By assessing all content and documenting user needs through extensive interviews, a new information architecture was developed to best serve all of SummaCare’s unique user types. 

The result: Merged content from three independent sites into one with over 2,000 pages, targeting shoppers to make important decisions with ease and improving the member experience with self-service access to information and tools. The completely new visual design connected to SummCare’s recently updated brand and gave users a seamless experience from any device for the first time. SummaCare stakeholders and their thousands of members were ecstatic about the redesigned and consolidated website.

How We Helped

Greatly improved shopping experience
Responsive design
1557 & 508 compliant based on WCAG 2.0 standards