The Project

Hollister Inc. is a privately held global manufacturer of medical products with approximately 2,500 employees world-wide. Their intranet, which had grown organically around departmental silos, no longer fit the needs of their global workforce. Declining usage reflected the perception that their intranet was difficult to use, contained out-of-date content, and was too focused on the U.S. workforce. 

Tahoe Partners first step was to create a Strategic Collaboration Roadmap, which led to a multi-year plan to create the next-generation intranet and robust communication channel built on SharePoint to best serve all users while reinforcing their corporate brand and values. The site was built to support multi-lingual expansion. Recognizing that personalization is a key driver of adoption, key features were introduced, such as: news and events targeted by location and specific function, surfacing a users’ projects/team sites from the homepage dashboard, and permissions-based HR content driven from Active Directory characteristics. 

Native SharePoint functionality provided enhanced search for content and internal subject matter experts and enabled the introduction of social features. A distributed approach to content management, guided by workflows for approvals and collaboration, supported communication and publication of content globally.

How We Helped

Exponential increase in global usage
Significantly improved relevance & governance of content
Extensive user driven personalization