The Project

Sweeping changes in Health Care Reform led to millions of newly insured.  To serve this audience, Tahoe Partners created a guided online shopping experience within a trusted community environment. Users can access expert advice, as well as connect with other members to ask questions and share insights. The intuitive and user-friendly online storefront allows customers to shop by price, plan and feature as well as compare and contrast coverage options. The portal allows BCBS to create strong connections with its direct consumers as well as foster an environment of trust and advice among its core membership.

Customers showed their approval through a significant increase in retail sales. Additionally, Forrester Research has specifically noted: "Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois has put a crack in the mold with its customer-focused design." And this is just the beginning.

How We Helped

8% Increased Usage
49% Increased Conversions
+25 Points Forrester Rating