Sound familiar?

If it's any consolation, you're not alone.

61% of SharePoint ECM projects have stalled or are not meeting expectations.

That's a lot of discouraged users screaming for a better solution.

Future trends only compound the challenges.

  • Millennials will soon make up 75% of the workforce.
  • Tablets are outselling PCs, and smart phones are ubiquitious.
  • Social technology has changed the way people interact.

Your organization needs a hero to deliver something better.

Can you take SharePoint from

Aggravating to Epic?

The answer starts with an Enterprise Collaboration Roadmap.

Galvanize your organization around a common set of priorities, then set a course for high adoption.

"... it became apparent that we needed to construct a strategy before we started talking about long-term funding - much less executing anything." – Dale - VP of Enterprise Applications, Reyes Holdings

It's time to make bold plans

When you plan ahead and start SharePoint projects from an Enterprise Collaboration Roadmap, adoption increases and satisfaction skyrockets.

And getting started is simple

Developing a roadmap begins with taking stock of your current state - your sites, tools, infrastructure, and processes. Next, leveraging best practices and our experience to help define your vision for the future - Tahoe Partners prioritizes the initiatives required to move forward.

Turn roadblocks into building blocks

Your roadmap creates a clear path to the future vision of your SharePoint strategy. With solutions defined for each component, along with steps to achieve every goal, you can guide your organization in taking the right steps at the right time in the journey.

Our Clients, Our Heroes

Now's the time to

grab your cape

Need your own personal Robin? Tahoe Partners is ready to create your personalized roadmap to success.

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